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Here I am a little baby

My name is Sadie Julia Primack

Here I am with my family, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Steve, and Cousins Haley and Eli too!

I love my Grandma

Hi everyone!

This is playing in the leaves with my brother Micah.

This was my first birthday cake!

Guess how old I was in this picture ...

Here I was serious ...

But I can be silly too!

My first haircut!

Micah and Sadie love each other

Polar bear and me are friends

I am good at holding bunnies

I like to pick kitties up and pet them

I'm a lion, but I'm a nice lion

It's snowing

I am biking with my brother

We have silly glasses on

I like to play soccer

Air hockey with my Daddy

Me and Micah got a panda and a doggie

I met Mr. McFeely

I'm Supergirl!

I am the little pink girl

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